Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tana update

Man received a phone call quite early this AM.  Was Mr. Bad Business Man (Mr. BBM) who does not follow RV driving rules.  (HUGE LONG SIGH HERE)

He informed us that he will be writing a personal check to cover Tana's repairs.  He did inquire how we found the repair shop, and asked Man if he was happy with the shop.  Man replied, yes, I am pleased with the shop, as he does specialize in fiberglass repairs and proudly showed us some photos of his work including some Big Rig repairs, in with fenders duct taped in place, out like brand new.

Man asked a number of very specific questions about the work on the brakes (and bearings) done by Mr. BBM and received detailed responses.  Mr. BBM was quite surprised by Man's knowledge, asking where Man learned all this.  Man's response, I read forums, lots of forums. I read,  I learn .

Man feels that Mr. BBM will follow through on promise to pay.  I want to see the bill marked "Paid In Full".  OKKKK, call me Ms. Skeptic.  I earn the name.  SIGH

Man feels the brakes were adjusted and repairs were done by Mr. BBM.  Mr. BBM was fully informed of our hopes to run the mountains, and that our safety is of upmost concern.

So, after a good night's sleep for Moi and a not so good night's sleep for Man, and after a phone call from Mr. BBM this AM, we are focusing on all the other work and appointments that must be handled before departure.

Thanks for all the supporting messages from friends.  Tana, Man and Moi appreciate it!  Special mention to the MOC members, as they understand our distress so well.

*By the way, Mr. BBM did not charge us for the brake adjustments and bearings work he claims he did.  Stay tuned, I may change his name from Mr. BBM yet.

Tana and Big Butt at our favorite fall camping campground near Jackson Michigan a few years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Hooooray, hooooray and hooooray. You get the idea but so jealous of Nov 9th.