Thursday, October 29, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday, Edna's Crimping Iron

This is a crimping iron, it sorta looks like some kind of torture tool, doesn't it??  I believe that you heated the crimping iron on the stove and then used it to crimp your locks.  I can imagine if you over heated it, it might be torture on your hair.

This belonged to Man's grandmother, Edna May Fenton Stevens. 


lindalee said...

To my aunt who probably had her hair done with such a was torture...the curls and the big pink bow....torture pure torture! Thanks for the post I have never seen a crimping iron

Myrna said...

I believe they also heated them by putting them down in the chimney of an oil lamp or kerosene lamp. It does look like torture!! But they use those flat irons now and rollers etc. Just electric instead of heating them otherwise.