Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Belva - Ada - who are you really, and where did you go?

Belva Mary Riley Lashbrook, on what would have been your 91st birthday, I have to ask, where did you end up?

Belva Mary Riley, father reported to be Samuel Riley according to the records of St. Louis Parish, Kansas City, Missouri was born October 14, 1918, reportedly somewhere in Illinois.

We know her mother to be Margaret Louise (Marie), possibly Riley. Margaret married Malachi Joseph Lashbrook in 1923 in Jackson County, Missouri.

Belva, also found recorded as Ada Belva Riley married Derrel Edward Johnson on August 18, 1934 in Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri. Despite numerous searches, nothing more about Belva is known. A death for one Darrel Edward Johnson was found, he died November 23, 1982 in Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri, his obituary states his wife to be Mrs. Mildred G. Johnson.

No further records of Belva Mary or Ada Belva have been found. We have no photo of Belva/Ada. Oh, Belva/Ada where did you end up? What IS your story?


TennLady said...

That would be North Kansas City, if it is in Clay County. The rest of KC is in Jackson.

lindalee said...

Great graphic....I might borrow it...LOL Don't ya just love the brick walls!