Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Eureka Montana, Almost to Canada

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We took a day trip to Eureka.  What a sweet little town.  Lots of lakes here and there.

When we drove through Whitefish I spied this gorgeous window.  Not quite sure how I managed to capture that from the truck, but, happy is - - - -   

Gorgeous scenery, lovely ride.

We had a nice visit with friends Patty and RC.  They were terrific hosts and showed off their lovely corner of America nicely.

Eureka has a sweet little Historical Village.  Further proof that almost every little burg, town, village, county in America has nice collections of their antiquities that they have saved, lovingly saved.  More information can be found at this site, where they tell us, they have a "collection of local historic buildings and structures dating as far back as the late 1880s and early 1900s. The collection includes a school, church, library, general store, fire tower, railroad depot, caboose and several log cabins..."

This is Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Rexford Catholic Church, built in 1926:

Lincoln County Library.  1923 to 1971:

Mt. Robert's Lookout,100-foot-tall fire lookout, moved to this location:

Inside the Rexford Railway Express Agency building, the depot was built in 1903:

Built in 1891, the first cabin in the area, built by Joseph Peltier:

I am a sucker for displays of old merchandise.  This was an excellent display:

How large are the skeeters in this neck of the woods? Obviously, quite large - -

On our ride back to camp we passed by several lovely lakes, the alpine glow is starting to show, we love the colors alpine glow adds to the beautiful scenery.

And, almost back to Whitfish, the pink skies were just so soft and delightful.

It was a beautiful day, and most enjoyable.  Thanks to Patty and RC for showing us around your lovely corner of America and Montana.  It's easy to see why you love it there.


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