Thursday, May 18, 2017

Troy Montana Museum

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Mid July    2013     We were staying in Libby Montana for a few nights.  We visited the Kootenai Falls and the Troy Montana Museum.  Local museums are gifts to America's citizens.  We find them just about everywhere we travel, and we visit many.  A few hours of visiting with the "ancient ones" and their stories and possessions.  Priceless.

Today's visit is a the Troy Museum and Visitors Center.

We never know what the local citizenry may have donated to their museums.  In Troy, we find Doctor Dixon's "shingle".

This particular collection had a good showing of housekeeping necessities.  I love the stove.  (As a side note, I am particularly glad I am not the caretaker here and have to dust all this stuff.  LOL)

This is a Toledo Cooker Conservo, its a stove top canner.  It was manufactured in Toledo Ohio, just a hop, skip and a jump from our stick built home in SE Michigan. The patent was in 1907, but, I have not been successful in locating it online.  I did find two blog posts about the Consservo.

One post was by a lady that purchased one (ca 1929 model she thought) and was using it to can.  The other post was by a lady that was using her mother's Conservo.  The family story/connection was interesting for me to read.

The note inside the cooker, reads, in part, "See p. 464 in Sears Roebuck catalog for Steam ..."  Seriously, you just have to love this stuff.

We have one more day and two more nights here in Libby, we would visit the Libby Dam and enjoy the beautiful area before we move on to Glacier National Park.


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