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Libby Montana to Coram Montana

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July      22        2013


Glacier, here we come!!

Our last travel day on the long, over 9  months travel since we left the stickbuilt, and today we will arrive within a stones throw of Glacier!!!

We were not on the road long when this is what we see.  Snow, July.  My excitement is growing.

And, then, we hit a construction zone, Montana style.  They took this road down to the gravel/dirt.  It was dusty.

It was also slow, I noted on the GPS, that at one point we were going 5.8 MPH.

Soon, however, we were on pavement again, heading to Glacier.

Again, the contrasts, flat land, and then, a outcropping of stone, with a topping of evergreens.

Toss in some barns, a red one even!

OK, we HAVE to be getting close now!!

Flathead River/Lake, yea, my maps show both names in the general area.  No matter, it's water and it leads to Glacier!

Out my side window, and if you look closely, you can see Tana in the side view mirror. Proof, photographic proof!

Our drive today was about 120 miles.  We would set up the house/Tana and finally on July 23rd, we would enter Glacier National Park for the first time.  It would be a short fact gathering visit.   


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