Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Little Hike, A Little History, A Nice Day of Learning.

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On our way east in July of    2013   during our brief stop in Post Falls Idaho we hit two highlights of the area.  Man discovered that the Buck Knife Plant had a tour.  We had to go!  It was quite interesting, even for me.

And, yes, he bought a small pocket knife.  Had to do it!

We also found and took a few minutes for some local history and a short walk in the 4 acre park, Treaty Rock.  The site is a National Historic Register. It features a section of the rock with the words “June 1, 1871, Frederick Post,” along with Native American pictographs.  

Here it is:

With a bit of help from the digital editor, here is the best view of the actual "signature" area I could capture.  It is behind glass or some other protective covering, for all the obvious reasons.  (I do believe that's ole Carol in the far left bottom, reflection caught via the glass.  LOL  It was HARD to get even this photo at that time of the day with full sun.)

What a pleasant afternoon.


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