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Chinook Scenic Byway Drive, Day Trip, 135 miles, July 7, 2013

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FOUR years ago, come July, we were in the state of Washington, near Mount Rainier, for a week, experiencing the beauty of that area.  It was not part of our planned literary.  It happened, because we plan short term, with long term visions, but, routes and plans and campgrounds not nailed down.  And, then, holiday weeks happen and we are, well, caught off guard, and we must find a place to sit for a bit.  Funny thing is, we have had some of our best experiences despite our, as they say, oopsies.

SO, in 2013, please read that carefully,      2013,      we were in Packard Washington.  It was wonderful.  On July 7, 2013 we did a 135 mile circle/day trip.  There is actually a map.  

We started out and ended back at Packwood.  Follow the numbers, first we went north by northeast, then, turned sharply southeast, and then, back westerly along 12.  Part of our tour included driving along what is known as Mather Highway,

And, there are photos.  Sony and I took 144 that day (there may have been more, I have deleted some of the worst ones.).  No, I am not sharing 144, how bout 22?  Sound more reasonable??  I thought so.

I am always impressed with walls of raw rock.

Now Google photos tells me this was near Enumclaw Washington

There was a lot of snow left.

I do love me some good bridges/gates/entrances, this one as we entered the Wenatchee National Forest area:

Near Naches Washington. Seriously, do you have any words to describe this beauty?  

We stopped at most pulloffs, of course.  Love when we find flowers and in the background there is still snow.  Love the contrast, and the color of those flowers is not half bad either.

Thanks to Sony's zoom.  Again, the beauty, artist beauty, thanks to Mother Nature and our Maker:

Hitting the road again, we roll alongside the American river.  So says Google.  I say, Sony and I work hard to get photos while rolling, even at slower speeds, it can be a challenge.

But, isn't it pretty?

And, then, the scene looks entirely different, this drastic change reminds me of Maui in Hawaii (one side of the island is lush and tropical, the other side, desert.

This area is not too far from our turn west at 12.  That would be number 4 on my map above.

Nearby, you can always get my attention with a stray rock protruding from the mountain side.

We have turned onto route 12 now, please forgive this kind of odd ball photo, again, driving, probably around 55 MPH, maybe more, maybe less.  I shoot, and hope I capture something.  And, again, it's all that rock.  Sitting atop a rather large mountain/hill.  Study the contrasts, I love them.

The sign says ROCKS:

And, rocks we have:

And, we have a few fallen trees as well:

And, we get to slow down sometimes, I call this our Maker's way of saying to us, LOOK, slow down and LOOK.  I'll bet the road commission calls this, MMM, nope, not gonna take that huge thing down.

Near Randall Washington:

From a different angle, with a side of daisies:

Still near Randal, Washington, breaktaking ride/views:

No, one photo just won't do, take more. Yes, that is wire netting, hopefully holding the loose rocks from falling into the roadway:

Nearly back in town, a bit of a close encounter with a small herd of elk, stunning creatures, enjoying the sun and lunch:

We were quite tired, but, our hearts and souls were filled to the brim with the beauty.


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