Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Post Falls Idaho to Libby Montana

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It is mid July    2013    and we are getting closer to Glacier National Park, a hot, err, cool ??, bucket list of mine.  We had to abandon our attempt to drive the Going to the Sun Road several years prior, as the road did not open till mid July.  This year,   2013,    the road was open and awaiting our arrival.  We are coming, we are coming!

Today we were greeted with barns, bridges, water, tall green pines and a picnic lunch, which I could not resist naming, "Lunch in Tana in Montana".  I know, corny beyond belief, and we had no corn on the menu.  Sorry.

Near Sagle Idaho, what appears to be an unused bridge.

The Pend Oreille River, just past Sandpoint.

Barns, love the barns, old, new, or in between - -

Tall evergreens, 2 lanes of highway, and light traffic, makes for a nice drive.

This is near Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

It's been about 3 hours since we departed our campsite this morning, and you know that we are desperate for lunch and a rest. We found it here. Right at the Idaho/Montana border.

These two photos were taken with my iPhone, and just now, today, almost 4 years later, I see that I captured some flying critter (just over Tana).  You have to laugh at this stuff. Big flying creature, caught in the act by the iPhone. When I enlarge the photo, it appears I caught a fly or bee or something akin, in the act of flying, you can almost see the wings "flapping", mighty fast.

Some of our most memorable lunches are when we stop and have picnics, sometimes from the tail gate of Jolly, sometimes in the shade of Tana. We did not drink beer at this stop, not that we did not partake of a few bottles elsewhere in Montana, just not here.

Near Troy Montana.  This is the Kootenay River.

Near Libby Montana.

Our trip today covered about 140 miles, we went north, then, a little east, then, south east. The maps are here.  We would stay in Libby for 3 nights.  We leave Libby on July 22, and on July 23rd, the bucket list begins fulfillment - - Glacier!!!


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