Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Logan's Pass Back to West Glacier, Front Seat Riding! Whahhooo

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July 2013

Glacier!  Bucket list fulfillment!

It was time to head back down the mountain.  And, somehow, I ended up in the passenger front seat.  You know it had something to do with Man as my cheerleader, right??  

6 % grade, that's significant, considering all the curves and people - - 

I mean - - what a view, eh??

A few more mountain goats enjoying their mid-day meal.

There are no words, huge, expansive, massive, stunning, all are insufficient to describe:

Now, I won't say what I was thinking, I'll bet you can fill in the snarky thoughts for yourself. They are under the remains of last winter's snows. I'll remind you that two years prior the Going to the Sun Road was buried under 90 foot of snow and the road did not open till sometime mid July.  Oh, if you look closely, in the side view mirror, you will see my arm and Sony.

Again, I am at a loss for words.

There are spots in the road that are a bit narrow.

This is Weeping Wall and Sony. I left Sony there for my amusement, maybe yours.  Do you see Sony??

How about a waterfall right along the roadside?  I thought so, it's a great waterfall.

Add a few wildflowers along the road side, more beauty.

Our day on Logan's Pass is coming to a close, my bullet list item has been ticked off.  But, later in the week, I'll get to do it all over again, not planned, at least not by me.

Our next day trip will take us all the way to Eureka, and almost to the Canadian border, so close, we turn off the cell phones so as to not incur international roaming charges!  But, first we will rest a day.


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