Friday, May 12, 2017

Just a Wee Bit of Idaho Research

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In July of      2013     while Man and I were heading east to Glacier National Park and Michigan, we made a stop for a few nights in Post Falls Idaho.  I was able to visit the Hayden Library, and for an hour or so my iPhone and I grabbed books off the shelf and snapped pages with a few names I research in the the general area, Lashbrook and White.

I snapped 71 photos with my iPhone, I looked at Quartz claims, cities directories starting in 1911, civil indexes, jury indexes, homestead patents (contained date and the president who signed the patent), cemetery records, obituaries, funeral records, birth/death and other miscellaneous records as far back as 1881, and last, but, not least, school census records.

They had an impressive collection of works, compiled and published by the Kootenai County Genealogical Society.

Let's take a peak at some of those school census records:

First from the Fall 1898 to Spring 1903 School census, where we find the children of Edgar Lashbrook, Myrtle age 19, John, age 17, Harry, age 12 and Stephen, age 9 listed for the years 1898-1899.

Most of the transcriptions of the school census (1921-1924) follow the same basic format, but, there are a few "enhancements".  See Lashbrook, Raymond b 17 Oct 1909 and Myrtle b 21 Feb 1911. The birth dates agree with other sources I have for these two.  

It was a fun couple of hours, nothing like some research books in a nicely laid out facility.


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