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West Glacier National Park, Water and Water Toys

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July 2013

Glacier National Park.

So, it was decided to visit the park in the later afternoon, kinda figuring the crowds would have thinned out as visitors would be heading to their dinner.  So, one cloudy and sometimes rainy afternoon, back to West Glacier we headed.  We drove along Lake MacDonald enjoying the fact that we had figured correctly. No crowds to speak of.       Ya us!

I spied a sailboat on the lake, out enjoying the quiet late afternoon.  The photo is rather "dreamy", don't you think?? OK, it's a photo of mostly tree leaves taken on the fly.  Well, I tried to make this "creative and artsy".  LOL

One of our goals was to take a hike , we had spied a few easier hikes on our first couple of visits to the park.  We hoped to snag a parking spot later in the day.  We also thought, any pull off where there is parking we will get out and investigate what we only had driven by the day we took the trolley.

Just past the end of Lake McDonald we found such a pull off, believe this is McDonald Falls.  Note that teal color of the glacier waters.

Zoom, on a section of the falls.

Of course, I had to have a panoramic.

We wandered up and down the area as much as we could, I love getting photos from different perspectives.

Oh, my. What have we here?

Yes, it does look as if he is going to get in that water with that kayak type boat.

He had to paddle up stream to get into position:

Almost in position.  He had photographers down stream to capture his trip.  I am not sure if that was photos or video.

Yes, he is grinning.

And, I captured him going over the precipice of that fall.

Some white water there:

There is one of his camera men, shooting away:

Done.  What a ride.

It had been only 2 minutes since I first saw him approach the water until he was down stream.   I had no idea where to stand or how to best shoot.  I knew there would be no second chance. So, I did my normal, shoot as fast as I can with nothing more than my intuition, and a side of hope.   I was rather pleased with my camera work.

Well, that was certainly fun to watch and shoot, but, we have that hike.  And, Man, it seems has a bit of a surprise for me - - a ride back to Logan's Pass in Jolly.


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