Monday, May 8, 2017

Snoqualmie Falls, Near Seattle Washington

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In July of      2013     Man and I spent a few nights in the Seattle Washington area.  We visited with friends and spent some time at Snoqualmie Falls.  The falls are about 270 feet tall, a top tourist draw in the area and the site of hydroelectric production.  The infrastructure, or parts of it, date back to the 1890-1900 era.  It is the site of the world's first fully underground hydropower plant, designed by Charles Hinckley Baker.

I have seen photos taken after stormy wet weather where the water coming over the top covers 5 or more times what the falls were covering the day of our visit. I was fairly impressed with this, but, I'll admit, that I think it would be great to see even more water flowing.

Yes, I found daisies:

This is a hydro-turbine water wheel, used between 1910 and 1928 at the site. Of course, Man was fascinated by all this electrical stuff.

I, on the other hand, found more flowers to photograph:

* Next we will head east.  It's a long way back to SE Michigan.  It will be a bit over a month before we get that far.


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