Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Stevens Pass, The Bridges - - -

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In July of     2013    Man and I were in Washington State, heading east towards Glacier National Park and eventually Michigan.  This day of travel took us from Falls City, via 2, aka Stevens Pass Highway.  It was not necessarily the most direct route, I have no idea why we chose it (wink wink).

We started out about about 97 foot elevation, and would hit around 4,000 (4,035 on our GPS).

The story of the day was "bridges, water, bridges, water", and no blue skies.

It was a misty, cloudy kinda day, with it's own beauty, the mountains hiding.

Did I say, I love bridges?  How bout double bridges??

And, seriously, I have no idea what this was, but, we went under it.

This hood/dash board capture is a frequent part of my photos, I usually crop out.  See the reflection/glare at bottom left.  UGH.  SIGHHH

We pass through many National Forestry/lands areas.  OUR lands!

What follows is a photo taken that is also quite normal, out of focus.  LOL  Speed, proximity, how soon I see the "subject", how fast can I get Sony to zoom and focus on said subject.  This is a semi-fail.  Happens.  I love the rusty look.

Did not take off Tana's roof, we are about 13 foot 3 inches now, at this time maybe 13 foot. She got taller with the installation of the independent suspension about 18 months ago.  The 13' 9" is at the low side/point.  Knowing us, Man sorta drifted over the middle line, can't be too careful, eh??

Now and then, we see a waterfall on the side of the road. (Photo seriously photo-shopped/cropped.)

Photo seriously zoomed and cropped:

What I remember thinking about this stretch of road was how tall the trees were and how green, and how it would be a nightmare pollen season for me!  LOL

Another example of the reality of rolling photography at 45 to 60 MPH, close range.  But, you can see Tana back there!

We would spend the next 2 nights at Cashmere Washington.


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