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Glacier National Park, Going to the Sun Road

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On July 25    


We finally got to the Going to the Sun Road.

My emotions were high, my expectations even higher.  We decided to take the trolley/buses to Logan's Pass.  This is a great service for those that are a bit leery of driving mountain roads themselves.   I am so very glad we did the bus thing for Man.  He got to gaze and look and never have to take his eyes OFF the landscape.  That is a rare treat for my driver supreme.  For me.  Well, not so much.  I found the crowds to be upsetting, noisy, some of the little ones very wild and the parents of same little ones did not seem to care that their little ones were playing in the middle of the bus driving/parking area.  Waiting for the buses on an extremely busy  HOT summer day, well, ok, I'm spoiled and I was tired and well, my patience was thin, to non-existent.  My bad.  The photographer in me was very disappointed.  I have yet to figure out how to take acceptable (to me) photo out of a bus window.

For example, here is a photo.  Probably a fat finger photo, but, still it shows the issues, frame and reflections/glare.

I included this one to show some more glare.  If you look closely in the blue sky you will see the word "Logan's Pass" in the sky. The reflection is from the digital screen over the driver.  It's backwards, but, it's there. LOL

Same photo, seriously cropped.  There are other methods to digitally enhance/edit, cropping on this one is not the best approach.  Still, it's a pretty shot, what with the river in the foreground.  Yes, the foreground, is a bit out of focus, we were rolling, shows movement??  LOL

Working our way up the mountain.

As you will see, I took several shots of this mountain.

Shot through the front windshield, a bit of zoom and a lot of luck.

Still rolling, here's that mountain and the snow/glaciers.  Interesting note, from what we learned during our visit at Glacier, the number of glaciers is down from 150 in 1850. Now, a glacier is not snow pack.  A glacier is snow packed over time that actually MOVES, from the weight of the snow. Depending on the source you use, they say that all glaciers in Glacier National Park will be gone by 2020 or 2030.  There are currently about 25 active glaciers in the park.

Now, I believe this is Bridal Veil Falls.  I will stand corrected if someone knows otherwise. Please let me know.

We may have stopped for this photo op, I am not sure 4 years later.  I can tell you that Sony and I used a lot of zoom to capture this.

In attempts to get photos, I even shot out the long thin windows of the van/bus.  I know, right??  LOL  Laughter aside, it is an interesting shot, even showing a bit of depth (almost 3 dimensional).

Another pretty water fall.  I love water falls.  By looking at the tree in the foreground, I can tell you this one was taken while rolling.

Logan's Pass.   6,647 feet.  Very little snow, and it is hard to believe that some springs they find 90 FEET of snow drifted over the Going to the Sun Road when they begin plowing.

I'll show you more photos from our stop at Logan's Pass next time.  Flowers, hiking, creatures.

Information about the shuttle bus services can be found here.

See ya soon at Logan's Pass (well, the 2013 version of our visit there).


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