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Hungry Horse Dam, West Shore State Park at Flathead Lake

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In July     2013   We are visiting the area surrounding Glacier National Park.  Even tho we had recently visited Libby Dam, we decided to run up to Hungry Horse Dam.  And, in the same day, we drove down to West Shore State Park at Flathead Lake.   

The dam building began in July of 1948, and the power plant started up in 1952, the dam itself was completed in 1953. Here we are looking down.  It was BIG!  One of the brochures claims it is 564 feet high and the crest is 2115 feet long.

Yes, you can drive it, or walk it, we chose to walk at least part of it.

In the 1990's, the generators produced up to 428,000 kilowats of electricity, they say, that is enough to power about 270,000 homes.  The power is sold and the funds are used to pay for the construction costs and the maintenance of the entire "Hungry Horse Project".

Resting Sony on the walls, looking down to Hungry Horse Reservoir.

I cannot remember exactly where this was, and the GPS on Sony and Google Photos did not tell me.  No matter, so pretty, who really cares??

On our way from Hungry Horse to Flathead Lake.  Picturesque, yes, indeed.

This is the West Shore State Park at Flathead Lake. The clear water was gorgeous.

A little ride on a personal watercraft to wile the afternoon away.

And, what have we here?  This is north of the state park, in a geographic area Google maps called Somers.  I saw this nest on our way to the park and we managed to find a place to pull off on the way back to Tana.  Thanks to Sony zoom.  Osprey.

I never saw any chicks.

I do note that this was near the Flathead Salmon Hatchery - - dinner is served.

I had fun getting these captures.  As far as I know, these still may be the best Osprey photos I have snapped.

And, I cannot tell you exactly where this is, so, if you know where this "horse and buggy" are, please let me know.

The next day, July 25th, we would spend many hours in Glacier National Park, destination, Going to the Sun Road and Logan's Pass.


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