Thursday, May 11, 2017

Cashmere Washington to Post Falls Idaho, A Study of Contrasts, Dust and Water, Hills and Prairie

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Mid July    2013    (read that year carefully, ok??)    Man and I were making our way east. We spent a few nights at Cashmere Washington and then, headed to Post Falls Idaho. We spent a few nights there.  But, first I need to show you the beauty of western Washington, from the front seat of Jolly at 55 MPH, maybe 60, maybe 65 at times.  

We saw a few more bridges, to my delight:

The tall evergreens on every mountain are gone, the hillsides look different.

Now and then, we drive along rivers, this is still the Columbia River, near Orondo, Washington. Google Photos provides locations from reading the GPS codes on the digital photos I upload.  I find it interesting that not all the photos seem to record the location. Maybe sometime I'll research that issue.

40 MPH for the next mile, OK, we can do that.

For me, so many times, it is about the contrasts.  The soft hillsides, very little foliage, almost no stones/rocks/boulders, and then, bam.  And, look at the shapes, square like presents.  Oh, ya, presents for Carol.

And, then - - - -

And, the geography changes once again.

Yes, these photos are presented in the order they were taken.  What's that hazy brown stuff?  (Yes, this photo is out of focus.  I thought my eyes were seeing things too!  LOL)

OHHH, dust storm coming up, front and center.  Don't worry, it was small and short lived and presented no issues to our safety.

Water!  Banks Dam area.  We stopped there for a picnic lunch.  It was a great place for a break.

Near Hartline Washington, more dust disturbances.

OK, so, I was fascinated. Michigan is not open for miles, with little or no trees.  The landscape was just fascinating, as were these little "dust tornadoes".

Isn't this picturesque?  Neat farm, home, barn, silos and fields as far as the eye can see.

More dust.  A farmer hard at work.  This was near Almira Washington.

Several more farms.  OK, I love the roofs on those barns in the foreground, I mean, what's not to like?

LOVE me some barn photos!

And, just before we drive into Idaho, the Spokane River.

Our drive today was almost 200 miles.  We would have dinner with RVing friends while here and I did a wee bit of Lashbrook research.


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