Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kootenai Falls, Near Libby Montana.

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In mid July    2013     we were just a few days from fulfilling that Glacier National Park bucket list.  We had stopped in Libby Montana for a few nights, and we set out to see the local sites.  One was Kootenai Falls, included a nice hike, water, lots of water, a very HIGH and SKINNY swinging bridge and more water!

In all honesty, I don't remember this photo at all.  Nothing about it feels or seems familiar. I must have taken it. Maybe I don't remember because that bear in the background concerned me.  We do tend to forget the unpleasantness of certain activities, right? On the other hand, he is kinda cute and he IS minding his own business from the looks of it.

And, then, there are the falls, largest un-dammed falls in the state per several sources.

Had to try a panoramic.  Sony did pretty well, but, it's just so much beauty to capture.

If geology interests you, there is a section discussing the bedrock and such at a Wikipedia page on the Kootenay River.

Additional information about the falls can be found here.

And, you know I cannot resist a purple flower.  No, I do not know the name.

As we walk away, the view is different, but no less stunning.

We left this area of the falls and hiked along the river.  Look closely, what might you see in the background of this photo?

A bridge, a long, tall, skinny, swinging bridge.

Man was happy to go up and wave at me.

My memory is that he took the camera up and took some photos for me, there was no way I was going up there.  I have done other bridges, but, something about this one, screamed, NOPE, not for Carol.

Thanks Man, for the photos.  Looking one direction.

Looking the other direction.  Gorgeous!!

The teal/green color of the water, I believe is from glacier melt.  It sure is pretty, glacier or not.

Later in the day we would visit a local museum.  We love local museums.  Americans preserve their local history quite well, from what we see.  Each locality, city or county, seems to have at least one museum with local artifacts. I'll show you a bit next time.


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