Tuesday, March 18, 2014

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Patrick's Point State Park, Trinidad, California, Sumeg Village

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NOTE:  We visited on May 23, 2013.  Yes, I am months behind on THE Trip, THE Encore' trip reports.  Yep, I am.

Patrick's Point State Park.

The rest of our visit was spent at the Sumeg Village, a recreated Yurok seasonal village.  The area in the park is considered a sensitive cultural area, as it is actively used to preserve traditions and to educate their youth. Signage asks that you stay out of the dance pit in particular, and since we were unsure which that was, we did not enter any of the structures, we peaked in and Sony Too got a look in a couple of them.  We tried to honor and respect the village.  On writing this post, I discovered this other site from the Redwood Parks Association, which shows a number of photos.  Have a lookie see, photo number 8 appears to be the dance pit, which we did not locate or see during our visit.

Some of the huts had very low entrances, and were dug out.  Some had flat entrances with flat floors inside.

Very low to the ground, this hut has a round door.

Man peaking in.

Sony Too took a peak.  Fire pit.

The construction always interests me.

Another hut.

This hut you walked down into a bit.

You can tell how low this hut is built when you see Man standing beside it.

More construction detail.

Patrick's Point State Park, as friend Mina said, a diamond in the rough, stunning scenery, history, many things to discover and enjoy.


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