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The Ringling, Sarasota Florida, Circus and a Whole Lot More, The Mansion

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We did not take the guided tour of the house, obviously we would have learned more.  The self-guided tours allow you access to just the main floor of the house.

John and Maude hired New York architect Dwight James Baum to design the home, and Owen Burns to build it. Maude was involved enough in the design and construction of the home that the original blue prints called it the "The Residence of Mrs. John Ringling.”

The home is called Ca’ d’Zan, House of John.  They began construction in 1924 and completed it just  before Christmas in 1926.  Ca' d'Zan cost $1.5 million to build.  The house is 36,000 square-foot , 5 stories tall and has a full basement.  A nice review of the home and it's history can be found here.  The house was restored between 1996 and 2002 at the cost of $15 million.

The backside of the house, if you consider the water side to be the front.  The windows are panes of pastel, gently colored, each a bit different.

Look at that detail, even the under side of the overhangs are decorative.

On entry to the home, there is a small room looking out on the bay.

The ceilings are gorgeous. Wood floors.  Unique window treatments.

Living room, fireplace, note the second floor railings.

A dining area.  Had a gorgeous green chandelier.

Silver.  Martinis anyone?  I am guessing they are martini glasses.

OK, guessing time for you my dear readers.  Any idea what these are?  I am not sure why the green "glow", except that possibly, it was reflections from the color of the walls.  These are silver I believe.  Asparagus tongs.  Yea, really.  By Christofle of Paris.

Timeless kitchen beauty:

Some serious refrigerator storage and there was another frig.  Thinking that last door to the right would hold an entire side of beef.

Now, in my opinion, any place that has ceilings like this has to be special in every other way.  In my life, the ceilings would be the last place I would decorate or enhance like this.  This is stunning beyond words.  SIGHHH.

The tap room.

This stairwell wins my heart with its simplicity.

Out on the Sarasota Bay side of the house.

Looking at the house from Sarasota Bay patio.

Note:  all photos in the house were taken sans flash, there was a remarkable amount of natural light streaming into the windows.  I did digitally enhance most of the photos, to brighten or enhance.


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