Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hillsborough River State Park, Florida, Revisited

Copyright 2014, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

A few days ago, Man and I revisited Hillsborough River State Park.  The first trip my ankle was still fairly sore and we missed seeing the suspension bridge.  We decided to go back, have another walk and find that bridge.  Sure glad we did. According to signage, the bridge was built in 1936 by the CCC.

Love this low hanging limb, Man posed to show you how low it does hang.

Sections of the trail have board walk, that is because the land is wet and swampy.

This spring flowering beauty, preferred the dampness, everytime I found it, it was near the banks or in the swampy areas.  I don't have the identification.  But, it just makes you smile, does it not?

Then, there was the pileated woodpecker. I shared his photo with you a few days ago, but, I am so over the top thrilled with the photos and the opportunity, I am going to share one again. Just cause.  Cause he is generally shy and cause he is beautiful!

Ankle is getting better, however, after a walk, I am always glad to sit down and rest it.  Nope, not 100% yet.

We were glad we did a revisit to the Hillsborough River State Park, and enjoyed our walk.



John Steel said...

Carol, some really nice pictures as usual. Glad you made it back and the ankle was up to the task this time. Safe travels.

Carol said...

Thanks John. The ankle is healing and I can do longer distances. Still have some discomfort, ole bones and bodies heal slower than they did when they were younger!