Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Honeymoon Island State Park, Dunedin Florida, Osprey Trail

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It was time for Man and I to have a day trip and we chose Honeymoon Island State Park.  It turned out to be a very good choice.

There are beaches, one for dogs, lots for humans.  Picnic grounds and the Osprey Trail.  We started out by walking the Osprey Trail.  The trail was well marked, and reasonably flat.  Part of the trail was under water and we had to turn around.  Needless to say, it had rained a lot in the few days just prior to our visit.  The rest of the trail was in very good shape.

Sony Too was working over time.  I will say, that even tho I never carry a full sized tripod I was wishing I had one this day.  All photos are hand held.  If I ever find a light weight, really light weight tripod, I may rethink my not carrying one.  The current model is just too heavy for me to lug around. Let's look at the Osprey.

An Osprey nest.  Lots of zoom was used.

Sitting on a branch, almost seems as if it is looking back at me.  (I doubt that.  Just what it looks like.)

Same as above, more zoom.

Different bird, note the only editing done on this particular photo was to reduce the size for this blog post.  The light was perfect.  Happy Happy!

We saw so may Osprey and nests it was easy to figure out why this is called the Osprey Trail.  We saw Osprey flying with fish and I have out of focus photos of an Osprey having dinner, high in a tree, eating one of those fish.

The last nest we saw had an occupant.  I thought maybe it was a baby, not sure tho.

So, I zoomed to the max so I could use Sony as binoculars.  I saw this Osprey flying in and I snapped.  Not the most focused photo, but, still, what a thrill!

There was also one bald eagle nest with 2 babies that were just about ready to fly off.

A  stop at the local "cafe" for a beer and a hot dog looking at the Gulf.  Both tasted pretty good after our walk. A visit to the dog beach finished off our visit to the park.  I'll share a bit of that soon.



Bill West said...

Those are beautiful photos!

Carol said...

Thank you Bill, sure appreciate your kind words!

my Heritage Happens said...

Magnificent photos Carol! And the blurry one…really? It is awesome to me!

Carol said...

Ah, thanks Cheryl, err, my Heritage Happens :-)