Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Favorite Color"

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This blog post  is part of my participation in a weekly writing meme called, "The Book of Me, Written By You"  You too can be part of this experiment/experience, there is information at this Facebook page.

I may or may not publicly share what I write each week. This week I share.

Week 24 - - The prompt is - Favorite Color
Do you have a favorite color? and if so why?
Do you like vibrant colors or darker colors?

This is very simple to answer, my favorite color is purple, has been for most of my life.  I favor vibrant, rich, dark colors. If it is pink and it is a pale pale pink, I am not impressed.  If it is pink, a deep rich pink, my head turns.  Walk through my house and you will quickly see what I mean.  All the carpets are a dark shade, red, turquoise, royal blue, and yes, I even have a purple room!  I don't seem to have any photos of that with me, so I cannot show you.

Before we start, you just know I had to do a few simple and quick internet searches while I wrote this.  And, yes, indeed, our friend, Wikipedia, has a long, long article on the color purple.  If you scroll down to almost the very bottom you will find three bars, the first says, "Shades of Red', the second says, "Shades of Blue", and the third says, "Shades of Purple".  Look closely, at the far right side of the bars, there is a place to click that says, "Show".  Be sure to click!

I have always loved flowers and purple, violets, like this one, were some of my first purple flowers:

Possibly my favorite garden flower is the Iris, these were two beauties from my flower beds when I was home to care for them.  I have no idea what they look like these days, as we have been gone till late spring several years.

This iris is so deep purple, it is considered black.

Man and I in New York City in May of 1994.  Note, the purple top. 

Another garden favorite are early violas.  These have purple and sunny yellow to make you smile.

Another purple top, the yorkies, all in yorkie heaven now, from the left:  Abigail, Chantilly and Sebastian.

Hanging baskets of petunias in the summer will attract the hummingbirds.  Purple, of course for me.  The hummers prefer red, but, they will take a nip at my purples now and then.

Man, and I, in my purple warm spring/fall jacket, March 2006, Pepe's, on the Rio Grande River near Mission Texas.

These grow along the roadside in late summer and early fall, you might be surprised to learn it is chickory!

And, yes, I must confess I have even painted some of the trim on the stick built home, what else, PURPLE!!

*There were two other parts of the prompt which I have decided to not write about at this time.


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True Lewis said...

Love the "Color Purple".....Very Nicely Done. Loved the photos!