Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Strawberries, We Got Strawberries!

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It's strawberry time in this area of Florida.  So, of course, there is a festival. Plant City is the location.  It reminds us of a county fair.  Strawberries. Food vendors in abundance.  Strawberries. Carnival rides.  Strawberries. Carnival games and prizes.  Strawberries, growing and served up as yummy cakes.  A number of buildings with vendors offering just about everything you can imagine for sale, pots n pans and purses and MORE! Strawberries. An art show (with lots of paintings with lots of strawberries, of course.)  Strawberries.

Carnival rides and games:

There was a display set up to show how the strawberries were planted and grown.

In the buildings there were a number of display rooms, reminding me of 4H displays at our local county fair back home.

Yep, we had shortcake!  With a biscuit.  YUM!

The whipped cream topping was probably the best I have ever had.  Sinful.  Yummy.  Fantastic.  You could pile on as many berries and as much cream as you wanted.  Price, very reasonable.

Man built a nice looking strawberry desert, don't you think?

This festival is very well run, the volunteers were all friendly and helpful, they were all smiling.  We saw a number of law enforcement officers, whom we engaged in some conversations, they were all informative and pleasant. This is a nice family friendly clean festival.

I walked enough, too much, by the time I got home the ankle was screaming.  A few days of rest helped the ankle. The memories and the strawberry cake were worth the ankle screaming.  So worth it!

Thanks to my many friends in the area that encouraged Man and I to attend.  You did not mislead, this is a great festival, not to be missed.


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