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Friday, March 28, 2014

Lakeland Florida, Art and Swans

Copyright 2014, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

After our pleasant visit to Hollis Garden Man and I found a parking spot closer to downtown, which was rather easy to do, as it was a Sunday.  Sometimes weekend trips ARE the way to go, no downtown traffic.

Sculpture always draws my attention.  I will never profess to understand it all, and in this case, so far, I have been unable to determine the name or artist, but, isn't this lovely?  Outside the Polk Museum of Art.

Lakeland is known for it's swans, here is an interesting article, sadly as of October 2018 this link no longer functions.  There are also swans painted around town. During our short visit I found two, this one is also outside the Polk Museum of Art.

We found a place to grab a burger and a beer and then walked back to Jolly.  In front of the city hall we find:

Another view.  Signage tells us:  Genus Kaleidoscopus, AKA, "Kallie".  Artist:  Roger Haar. Sponsor:  City of Lakeland.

Swanarch.  Artist:  Harrison School of the Arts.  Swansor:  City of Lakeland.

A visit to lovely gardens, a wedding, a nice but short walk around downtown, a good burger, art and swans, several hours delightfully spent.



FranE said...

Love the butterfly and swan... my colors. ;) Interesting fare this day. :) Thanks for letting the rest of us enjoy too.

Carol said...

Thanks Fran. Always appreciate hearing from my readers. Appreciate the readers!