Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nope, Tana WILL NOT Fit Here.

Copyright 2014, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

The back story:   Tana measures 13' 1" tall.

This happens to be in Lakeland Florida.  There are a number of these across the nation.  IF you are towing your trailer and see this coming, I guarantee, your heart will miss a few beats and you will be braking hard - - or there goes the stuff on the roof, like the vent covers and the air conditioner, and maybe, probably even damage to the roof.  GULP.

If you look closely, you will note that there appears to be some damage just under that red sign.  Yep, our take, that underpass has been hit more than once.  Our empathy to the drivers that hit.

No, we were NOT towing at the time, just driving around seeing the sights.

Tana IS fine!

I repeat, Tana IS fine!


Jodie's life and time and travels said...

Not quite Custer State Park, but still not where we'd want to travel through with the 5er either.

Carol said...

LOL, that's true Jodie! We did drive the Needles Highway with Big Butt (the white GM dually) tho. Man got er through. Again, NO Tana. Tana was safely tucked away in a campground. ;-)