Tuesday, March 18, 2014

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Patrick's Point State Park, Trinidad, California, The Visit Continues

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NOTE:  We visited on May 23, 2013.  Yes, I am months behind on THE Trip, THE Encore' trip reports.  Yep, I am.

Patrick's Point State Park.

While Man waited (see previous post), I took a few more photos from my vantage point.  OK, a lot more. I won't show you all, more rocks, more crashing waves, and this.  This is similar to one on yesterday's post, the zoom and angle a bit different, but so gorgeous, I had to include this one as well.  I hope you forgive me!

On the way back to the main path, this view gives you some idea of just how steep and dramatic the terrain is.

From here we continued along the main path till we found the cut off for Patrick's Point.  This section of the trail had brush growing overhead, like walking through a tunnel.

Our view, as far as we walked.  We sat.  I shot a bunch of photos.  We enjoyed.

This photo in no way does justice to the delicate color.  Does show the beautiful blue sky however.

I took several different shots, Sony Too zooming, or not.


No zoom:

Time to move on, however, when we get back to Jolly, who is that sitting next to us??  Why HoboBob and his wife, Mina, good RVing friends.  We were in the same park (yes, we knew that), but, had both been out and about running errands, and without knowing it, both ended up at Patrick Point State Park.

The dudes, HoboBob and Man.  Seriously studying something, probably had to do with trucks.  Comfy tree.

After our visit, Man and I headed over to Sumeg Village.  Coming soon to Reflections.

* A fine PDF brochure for the park can be found here, downloadable, of course.



Michelle Goodrum said...

So glad you are running behind in your posts as I'm running behind in my readings. Will never tire of your writing and pictures of THE Trip, THE ENcore.

Carol said...

LOL Michelle, you will catch up LONG before I do!