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Sunday's Stories, 52 Ancestor Weeks, Week # 10, The Remleys and Grants, Part 2

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This is week 10 of my participation Amy Johnson Crow's, once a week challenge to blog about one ancestor a week, tell their story, biography, a photograph, an outline of a research problem — anything that focuses on that one ancestor. More about the challenge can be found at her Blog, No Story Too Small.

Today I am going to talk about my Minnie Maude Remley's (my great-grandmother) parents. Her father was William R. Remley and her mother was Mariah "Maria" Malvirna Grant Remley.  So, this is a twofer week, two ancestors, one post.

William H. Remley was born in South Carolina in December of 1819 or 1820, depending on the source of the date.  Mariah/Maria Malvirna Grant was born Jun 10, 1834 at Walterboro, Colleton County, South Carolina, according to her death certificate. William and Maria were married sometime in 1854 in Colleton County, South Carolina according to a Widow's Application for Civil War Pension she filed.

As a young married couple, they appear on the 1860 census, Post Office Walterborough, St. Bartholomew Parish, District of Colleton, South Carolina. William aged 35, occupation a drover, value of real estate is $500.00, value of personal property is $400.00, birth place South Carolina. Enumerated with him are: Maria aged 26, born South Carolina;  Juabine, 5 year old female, born South Carolina; Madison, 3 year old male, born South Carolina; and Henry one year old male, born South Carolina.

A William H. Remley served in Company R, Captain Senn's Company, Post Guard, South Carolina.  His enlistment date was May 2/3, 1865 and he was paroled in Chester, South Carolina on May 5, 1865, as a private.  There are no Amnesty Papers for South Carolina, for William. Maria, as William's widow, states in her Widow's Pension application in 1910 in Effingham County, Georgia, that William had served in Company B, 3rd South Carolina Cavalry.  She claimed he enlisted in 1862 at Walterboro, South Carolina and that he left his command at Columbia, South Carolina because he was "not able to do duty" due to rheumatism.

The 1870 census, Verdier Township, Colleton County, South Carolina, shows William H. Remley, aged 50, farmer, value of real estate $200.00, value of personal property is $220.00, born in South Carolina. Enumerated with William are Maria, aged 36, keeping house, born South Carolina; Frances J. (female) aged 12, born South Carolina;  Henry J. aged 10, born South Carolina; George W.B. aged 8, born South Carolina; James W. aged 6, born South Carolina; Martha J. aged 4, born South Carolina; and Estell G. aged 1, born South Carolina.

I found a deed recorded in Colleton County, South Carolina, recorded December 12, 1879, from the Sheriff of Colleton County to H. B. H. Langdale, for the consideration of $80.00, covering land owned by W. H. Remley. It would appear that William owed $61.00 "debt", to Eliza Glover, and that Joseph Glover, executor of her estate procured a judgement against William on January 14, 1874.  When William did not pay that judgement the Sheriff offered the land at sale and collected the debt and costs (most likely interest and court costs).

It appears around this time William and Maria moved their entire family to Effingham County Georgia. Maria, William's widow, states in her Widow's Pension application in 1910 in Effingham County, Georgia, that they moved to Georgia in 1875.  William and Maria's son William Hearl's birth is reported as April of 1875 in Georgia.

The 1880 census, Effingham County, Georgia shows William H. aged 60, farmer born in South Carolina, parents both born South Carolina; Mariah M. aged 45, wife, born South Carolina, parents both born South Carolina;  Madison, daughter, aged 22, born South Carolina; Henry J.P., son, aged 20, born South Carolina; George W.B., son, aged 18, born South Carolina; James W., son, aged 16, born South Carolina; Martha M., daughter aged 14, born South Carolina;  Estelle G., daughter, aged 11, born South Carolina; Rosa E., daughter, aged 9, born South Carolina; Isabelle D., daughter, aged 7, born South Carolina.  Also enumerated were William H., son, aged 5 born in Georgia; and Susan G., daughter, aged 2 born in Georgia.

There is a deed from Sarah Perrie to William H. Remley, dated December 24, 1883 for 100 acres recorded in Effingham County, Georgia.

Mariah petitioned the court of Effingham County Georgia in 1894 to have 40 acres of land set aside for a homestead because her husband William H. Remley was "aged and infirm by reason of chronic diseases of Rheumatism, asthma and disease of the intestines".  She petitioned the court because "her husband refuses to apply for setting apart of a homestead of realty out of his lands and for exception of his personalty under the laws now of force in this state".  The plat approved by the court was actually for 39 acres.  The court case required that a list of his "personalty" or list of property included: One bay mare, small, 4 years old, worth $50.00; one black horse, medium sized, about 12 to 15 years old, worth $50.00; 7 head of cows and yearlings, worth about $35.00; 10 hogs, overall value $10.00; 1 open black buggy, value of $20.00; one iron axle barn cart valued at $5.00; household items, such as 3 chairs, 1 book case, 2 bedsteads and bedding and 1 small bureau were valued at $19.00; a White sewing machine in bad condition was valued at $10.00; 3 saddles, two of which are considered riding saddles were valued at $11.00; 4 hoes and 4 plows (and one stick?) were valued at $3.00; 2 sets plow and ??? gear, valued at $2.00 and finally, one shot gun and fixtures was valued at $8.00.  His total personal estate was valued at $221.00.  The case lists two creditors, Ben Wamock of Savannah and Dr. H. E. Archer of Grayton, Georgia.

As a result of this petition, we find in Effingham County probate records:

Georgia Effingham County
Office of Ordinary of
said County:
To A.K. Powers, County Surveyor of said county.
You are hereby reauired to enter on the lands of Wm. H. Remley lying in said county containing forty acres more or less and lay off for a homestead for Mariah M. Remley and her family either the whole, or so much of said lands as will not exceed in value the sum of Thirteen hundred and seventy nine (1379) Dollars, and make a plat thereof.  And you are hereby further ordered to make return thereof, and the value of the land so platted for homestead, under oath to my office on or by the 3rd day of September 1894, this 21st day of August 1894.
Allen N. Kieffer(?)

Mariah's homestead contained 39 acres:

William died in March of 1900 in Effingham County, Georgia.  No death record has been discovered. His burial place has not been discovered.

Mariah was found enumerated on the 1900 U.S. Census of Effingham County, Georgia in the household of her son James W.:  Mariah, mother, born June 1837 (or could be 1834, original record hard to read), age 65, widow, one child, which survives, born South Carolina, both parents born South Carolina, housekeeper.

Mariah was enumerated in the 1910 U.S. census of 12th Militia District, Effingham County, Georgia with her son James H. Remley, she is shown as 75 years of age, a widow, 11 children, 9 of whom survive, born South Carolina, both parents born South Carolina

Maria died Jan 13, 1920 at Egypt, Effingham County, Georgia per her death certificate.  It is interesting to note that the death certificate does not state her place of interment and I have not discovered it.  Despite several searches by volunteers living in the area, we have not found evidence of her burial at the Mizpah Cemetery as her obituary claims.

Mariah's obituary reads:
     "The death angel claimed Mrs. M. M. Remley on the 13th inst, and her remains were laid to rest the following day at Mizpah cemetery, the funeral services being conducted by the Pastor, Rev. S.W. Brown. A great many friends and relatives attended the funeral.
     She left to mourn her loss nine children, twenty-five grand children and sixteen great grand children, besides many relatives and friends.
     Mrs. Remley was born at Waltoboro, S.C., June 30th, 1834, joined the Methodist church in early life, and in 1875 moved her membership to Mizpah church.  She remained faithful to her Lord until He called her home.  Her husband preceded her to the grave about twenty years ago, and two of her children also went before.
     The children now living are H.P. and J.W. Remley of Egypt, Mrs. J.P.. Nettles of Tusculum, W.B. Remley of Graham, Ga., Rosa McGreog of 203 Jones East, W.H. Remley of 579 Barnard St., Savannah, Mrs. H.R. Franklin of Waycross, Mrs. J. E. Bowen and Mrs. Marion Blanton of Ridgeville, Ga, all of whom were present at the funeral except W.B. Remley.
     Mrs. Remley was very considerate of those about her, and she was also very patient.  My her children imitate her.
     Is life worth living?  It depends upon your believing.  If it ends with this short span, then is man no better than the beasts that perish.  But a loftier hope we cherish.
     Life out of death is written wide, across life's pages on every side; we cannot think as ended our dear dead ........
     With room is.......and fear; love laughs at thought..ending then or here.  God would lack meaning if this world were all, and this short life but one long funeral.
     God is, Christ loves, Christ lives; and by His own returning gives the pleasure of immortality. The first fruit, He and we, the harvest of victory, the life beyond shall this life far transcend, and death is the beginning, not the end.         A Friend"

Wish list, keeping it basic:  Discover place of burial for both.  Photo of William would be sweet.  I have one photo of Maria, if I were greedy, more photos would be nice, ok, I am greedy, PHOTOS!!  Adding a layer on the wish list, adding some subtance:  Revisit land records of Effingham County, can I determine more about Mariah's story by following any deeds I could find?

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