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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Patrick's Point State Park, Trinidad, California

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NOTE:  We visited on May 23, 2013.  Yes, I am months behind on THE Trip, THE Encore' trip reports.  Yep, I am.

Patrick's Point State Park was a little treasure.  We decided to visit because it was so close to our campground.  What a wonderful surprise.  We spent several hours there, a bit of hiking and Sony Too and I got lost in the beauty.

This is Agate Beach.  Man and I were still recovering from the hike down and back out at Axel Lindgren Memorial Trail, Trinidad.  Neither of us felt we could get down to the beach, 180 feet or so, below.  Ok, it's not the getting down, it is the getting back out!  So, we took a long look, sure is pretty.

We did wander down the path to the beach, just a bit, so we could get a "feel" for the experience.  As we turned to leave Man found these agates lying on the trail.  As if some wonderful person knowing we were not up to the trek in and out left a gift for us to find. Thank you nice person.

Sony Too zooms to show us the beach we will not get to walk.  Tide Tables are posted at the trail head.  You can see that it looks like when the tide is high there won't be a lot of beach left to walk on.

The Patrick's Point State Park web site tells us:

"In some parts of the park, plant life is so luxuriant that hikers moving along the trail are sheltered and isolated by walls of vegetation."

No kidding!

As the paths come close to water Sony Too and I attempt to capture the beauty.

It becomes a challenge and somehow thrilling and relaxing at the same time to capture the water crashing over the rocks.  Lots of zoom here.

Here comes a wave swallowing the same rock.

Further down the path there is another path which goes out to what is called Wedding Rock or Ceremonial Rock.  Yes, you can book weddings there, see the web page.  See the fellow out there standing, wouldn't that be a special wedding site?

I love the blues, turquoise water, true blue skies with a narrow layer of pale purple clouds.  Mix in varying greens from the hills and evergreens.  Add one path, rocks and crashing surf.  OK, what is NOT to love?

Capturing the crashing waves.

I find myself standing for long periods of time trying to capture the magic of waves crashing over rock. Below, two photos, same rock, different waves.  Time stands still, the sound is mesmerizing.  Sony Too and I are really in our own world.  Both of these photos came out of the digital world of Sony just like this, only editing done was a bit of auto correct, which just enriched the black of the rocks.  No changes to the colors were made.  As a reminder, I do not carry a full sized tripod.  I do have a couple of tripod stands that are about 5 inches tall.  Most of my photos are taken with available light, hand held.  I gets what I get.  I can live with the results, and the photos that are icky, I delete!  You will note, I did not delete these two.

And, this is what Man does while he patiently waits for me to come out of my photo taking trance.

More of our visit to Patrick's Point State Park will be coming to Reflections, when - -


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Lynne Carothers said...

Aaaaah. I have missed your postings of your last big trip.
Great photos. I could hear the waves as well as see them.