Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Already???? What Man and I Are Up To.

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Well, here it is the first days of March and we are STILL in East Tampa.  Yes, indeedy we are.  We keep looking at the weather reports north of here, and well, we have very little desire to be in 1/2 inch of ice and up to 12 inches of fresh snow fall.  And, so, we paid the rent for one more month here.  I have hitch itch, but, not even I have it bad enough to venture forward into that kind of cold and wet.  Man says we need to be home by the first of May to cut the lawn. I keep telling him that you don't cut snow!

We have been doing some sightseeing.  We went to the Plant City Strawberry Festival the other afternoon.  A nice afternoon.  (Yes there are photos and a blog post in the making.)

I have purchased a new computer, here is a photo of the computer and the new monitor.  The new monitor went back two days later as I just could not get it to adjust to suit me.  There was so much back lighting and all the photos and images and fonts and print were just washed out.  The ole photographer/blogger in me was not pleased.  So, back it went and another has been ordered.

Meet  Athena the Asus computer.  It has Win 8.1 on it., it is powerful, a wanna be gaming machine, hopefully good for all the graphics stuff I do.  Overall I am pleased with it, there are a few glitches we are still working out. (Athena is the Greek goddess of intelligence and skill , warfare, battle strategy, handicrafts and wisdom).

I had named the monitor Apollo.  (Apollo is the Greek god of light, music, arts, knowledge, healing, enlightenment and much more.)  The new monitor I suppose will be Apollo Too.

When I introduced them on Facebook I said,

"I hope they will bring all of those attributes and more to my life so that I can share them with you, family and friends.

And I hope I can remember their names. LOL"

So, you now know what Man and I have been fussing with for the last couple of weeks.  And, you know where we will be for the next 30 some days.

If you have to travel in all of Mother Nature's fury, please be careful.  In the meantime, I keep hearing words about "on the road again" faintly playing in my mind's ear.  I also know that I am where I am supposed to be.  I don't need to know the reasons.  I also know, I will never be bored.  I have my blog, my photos and my research that I can tuck into the spare moments left over in my day after the time I spend with Man and the fur kids, and a few day trips.  By the way, over at Flora and Fauna, I am doing a series of photos from the Tampa Lowry Zoo. Go have a lookie see.

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