Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ybor City and the Lunch at the Columbia, the Gem of Spanish Restaurants

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It was suggested, several times, by people here in the park and by blogging friend Beverly, that we visit Ybor City.  And, so we did.

We had a delightful, sinfully wonderful lunch at Columbia Restaurant.  This link will take you directly to the menu.

Sangria and Gazpacho Andalucia.  For full descriptions of these yummies, look at that menu link!

Their 1905 Salad, they call it legendary, I call it FAB!!!  And, The Original Cuban Sandwich.  Man and I split every dish we had, that way we got to taste test more goodies!

Flan and Cafe con Leche.  Sure glad we were sharing, that Cafe con Leche was HUGE and being an expresso was strong.  Man and I stayed up a bit late this night.  So worth it!

My view during lunch.  There are something like 15 dining rooms and this facility can serve around 1700 at one time.  The restaurant takes up one entire city block.

One of the entrances.

Same entrance, view coming in.

Outside, this beautiful tiled wall.

Thanks Beverly for the suggestion.  It was a wonderful dining experience.  We did not take in any other Ybor City experiences, someday maybe  - -


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