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Happy St. Patrick's Day, Still Wondering - - Are They Really Irish?

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Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!!

The researcher in me always wonders, how can I tie a holiday to my data base?  Holidays tend to bring forth some hints, new data bases, maybe stories. 

Many of Man's and my lineages go back to Germany, France, England, Wales.  Off the top of my head (through the early AM fog), I can only think of one lineage that might have ties to Ireland.  The Fentons. And, I don't know much of the early generations, here it is:

David Fenton, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and his wife, almost nothing is known of David, and quite honestly, I am not sure that his given name might not be Dennis.

William Franklin Fenton, born July 5, 1933 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, died March 4, 1922 in Rockville, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. The 1871 and 1881 census reports state he was of English origin, the 1901 census states he is of Irish origins.

William married Margaret Catherine Haley. She was born August 27, 1838 in Nova Scotia Canada and died January 18, 1903 at Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

That's it. My Irish brick wall.

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