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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Fort Davis Texas to Las Cruces New Mexico, the Wahhoooo Ride!

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December 6, 2012

Time to leave Texas behind and start heading west.  Today we, err, Man, gets to push Jolly a bit, we are going to take 118 from Fort Davis all the way to I-10 at Kent.  No problem, right??  Well, concerns:  We will leave Fort Davis on the shy side of fuel.  There are a LOT of hills, steep, with lots of turns between Fort Davis and Kent, these kinds of hills and such burn up a bunch of fuel quickly.  The last part of the ride on 118 will be on narrow, no shoulder type roads.  This is vast empty land, as in few or no fuel stations.  For today, this part of the trip IS the goal, driving 118.

Let's roll!  That is the McDonald Observatory up there!  We went up one evening, and enjoyed a presentation.

We will see a number of these road signs, curves and low speeds.

This was about as high as we got, give or take a few feet!  LOL  Note the speed is posted at 55 and we are doing 39 MPH.  Also note the curves ahead.  GPS looked like that a lot until we hit I-10.

Now, I know you are thinking, OK  Carol, why post a photo of some trees??  Well, this is the section of 118 that is narrow with no shoulders.  The interesting part of this story is actually that tree at the curve, the one that has the lower limbs and leaves sorta chopped of, but still hangs over the road.  On roads that are traveled frequently enough the cars and trucks beat off the new growth.  Usually we can take Tana under those trees with no issues, issues would be, are those tree limbs going to hit Tana on the roof and do damage.

Well, on this section of 118, we could not go under, we had to go down the middle of the road and around those low hanging trees.  Tells me, few trucks ever drive this section of 118.  A tad bit concerning to be driving on roads that trucks do NOT frequent.  The word "isolated" keeps coming to mind.  No traffic is NOT a bad thing, we like driving alone on these huge expanses of road, as long as no trouble comes a callin', eh??  I imagine a call for a tow truck would involve quite a wait!  LOL  Today's trip, wonderful, even though we are still watching that fuel gauge.

I have said the vistas are vast, right?? Look how far that road goes, on and on and on.

And, this was our fuel station, well, it was supposed to be our fuel station.  Out of business.  We still had a bit of fuel, so we jumped on I-10 and went west and found some!  Still, Man was not exactly smiling when he pulled in here!  LOL

New Mexico!  YA!!

And that night a nice sunset, setting over the RV's and, mmm, a utility pole, still, not bad for just walking out the door of Tana and snapping away!

We will spend two nights here in Las Cruces, we relive many memories from our one month stay here two years ago, we are even in the same campground.


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Lisa Taisey said...

Great Pictures Carol. If you are staying for a few days try and get some pictures of the Organ Mtn going towards Alamogordo. Breathtaking! White Sands too. We live in High Rolls about 1 hour away in the Lincoln National Forest and I must say our home has the BEST views around. Have a great stay in our beautiful state!