Monday, January 21, 2013

MOC Quartzsite Rally, Day Six, A Drive in the Desert

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January 20, 2013

Today's main activity is a little drive in the desert.  Some 5 plus miles (one way) on back roads, to the Desert Bar, which has been promised to be "memorable". Two years ago when we were here we skipped this activity, this year, we decided it was a must do.  So, we did it today, caravan MOC style.

The drive IS a large part of the attraction, be warned it is DUSTY, rough, DUSTY, bouncy, DUSTY, slow going, DUSTY, and bumpy, and did I say, it is DUSTY??  Well, it is!

Part of our MOC caravan:

What is that off in the distance?  Our goal??  Think so.

This reminds me of Needles Highway near Custer, South Dakota, it is getting narrow:

Our wagon masters counting trucks, making sure we all arrived.  We did, safely and a bit dusty, ohhh, did I say it was DUSTY??  I did tell ya that, didn't I??

Sign, honest, I did not tweak this photo!

Our destination, the Desert Bar:

Cooks working away, the smell raising up from this stove was heavenly.  And, it tasted pretty good too!

Now, normally I would not show you photos from inside a ladies room, well, I have once or twice, and I have another one I may share, but, it has to be something quite different for me to do that!  LOL  So, how bout this view from the wash basins, really, this is the view!  No windows!

And, who cares if the water is cold when you wash your hands in this sink:

So, the drive up was fun, and yes, DUSTY.  The food tasted pretty good, prices, fair, and the beer was ICE cold, and I mean ICE cold!  The views were special, the decor was fun, and there was music and dancing too!

There were quite a few rusted out old cars, and some not so rusted out, outdoor decor I guess!  LOL

MMMM, OKK, no drinking in the parking lot.

The exit was one lane wide, did not feel very wide:

Goodness, reminds me of Needles Highway and the tunnels even more, see, only about 10 to 12 inches between those Jolly fenders and that wall.  But, hey, at Needles it was like 3 or 4 inches.  Photo taken out of open window looking backwards, quickly taken!  LOL

Another fun adventure.

Back at the MOC circle we quickly fed the fur kids, and headed out to another meetup with HoboBob and Mina and some mutual Facebook friends.

And, the sunset on the way home, a beautiful end to a very interesting day.

* You can read about Man and Big Butt and the Needles Highway experience, here, and here.



Anonymous said...

Was is DUSTY? LOL. Love the old cars and the sunset is so pretty :-)


Could almost smell the burgers from here Carol.