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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: The Characters of Tombstone Arizona

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December 9, 2012

For us a revisit to Tombstone, land of the Shootout at the OK Corral and Boot Hill Cemetery.  Let's meet some of the characters of Tombstone, shall we?

First stop, the Visitors Center, where we met America.  She is in her 8th decade.  She went on and on about her hair and how the braids were the only way to control it.  She had stories to tell and I did not have enough hours to listen. RATS!  Oh, I sooooo needed time and a good video recorder!

I am not sure if this guy is holding up the bar or if the bar is holding him up?

Hmmm, wonder what they were chatting about!?!  Just between you and me, that guy in the back, facing us, looks like he has the devil up his sleeves, eh??  Pity the person he is spying on!  LOL

Oh, dear, looks like a bit of trouble on Main Street, eh?? Cannot be good when a cowboy's hat ends up in the dust.

Oh, yea, the locals are all in an uproar over something.  (As an aside, I do love that ladies hat!)

Ah, the sheriff!  Nope, he was NOT after Carol!  No infractions today, unless taking photos is considered an infraction.

For those that have not been, Tombstone is a lot of fun.  I have called it hokey history in the past and caught some flak for that term.  The town and the stories and the acting and such, are based on history, with a bit of creative hokey fun tacked on top.  Several of the street "shows" are in fact based on events in Tombstone.  And, yes, I loved the cemetery,  I blogged it two years ago when we visited.  For the kid in you, if you have not been, don't miss it.  And, if you get a chance, go look up Doc Holiday for me, tell him I will try to get back, I so need a photo with him!  Who has some boas I can borrow???

* If you want to read more about our experiences in Tombstone, go over to that right column here at Reflections, find the search box, type in Tombstone!  Have fun, we did!

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