Friday, January 25, 2013

Let's Go Fishing in the Dry Wash and Other Fun Q Stuff

Copyright 2013, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

A few tidbits and quirks and things that caught my attention.

This super duper tool box a MOC member has on the back of their rig.  So well organized too!

Some MOCers have lights, special lights.


A special night event while we were here, Moon and Jupiter on January 21st, very close, in astrological terms and measurements.

This is how one repair dude can install new slide awnings.  Yes, he does have 3 supervisors!

There needs to be a way to remove the ever growing pile of trash, even on the desert.  Here is a pile of it, the dump is not open from Thursday through Saturday.  That is some pile, eh??

I showed you other shots of this very interesting artwork a few days ago.

Found at the RV show, he is one big dude.

A whale in the desert town of Quartzsite?  But, of course there is one!

Very near by, just a matter of a few hundred yards in fact), there is this rather large fishing pole, strung out over a wash.  No water in the wash when I took the photo,  Not sure that is so now, as it is raining.

Yes, indeedy, a fish was caught:

And, there is a reel too!

A good part of the attraction of Quartzsite is that it is filled with oddities and vastly interesting people (oh, and LOTS of dogs, lots and lots of dogs!)

Our time here is nearly over, it is time to get back to the "real" world.  Gonna miss all the quirky things I see here.



Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Thanks for the short get-away, Carol! I enjoyed it very much!

And I would think that one of the nice things about having an RV would be not having to spend too much time in the 'real world!'

Keep on truckin' and postin' those pics!

Lynne Carothers said...

Quartzite is a feast for the imagination! I can just see one of those fishing pole thing-a-ma-jigs next to our lake. Very cool. Keep on truckin', my friend!