Sunday, January 27, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Tucson, Home for the Holidays

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December 12, 2012 to January 12, 2013.  HOME.

For one month around the holidays I like to stop, breath, clean up, fix up, catch up, nest, decorate for the holidays and stay off the road over the Christmas and New Years events. This year we chose to do the nesting in Tucson.

The office entrance, Lazy Days, Tucson.  Pricey, yes, but, power was included and we did use a HUNK o power.  We were treated well by all staff, service, outstanding.  Clean park, centrally located to all we did in Tucson, shopping or sightseeing.

My friends at Facebook may remember my grumbling about the barbed wire.  It surrounded the entire park, even tho it was a gated park.  My desk faced this lovely view, so I did not open the blinds in the back of Tana for one full month.  I hung a holiday decoration at the desk window, at least I had something to look at besides this.  SIGHHH  The only downside of this park.

That said, we did have a lemon tree on our lot.  Free to pick all the lemons you wanted.  In the park there were also grapefruit and orange trees.  We could pick from any tree on any lot that was not occupied.  And, we did!  The oranges were sweet and juicy and totally wonderful!

A bowl of oranges, we still have some we picked, yummy at breakfast.

The sunsets were pretty good, and a few palm trees too!

We celebrated Christmas and New Years with our traveling friends J & D.  Christmas we cooked, New Years we cooked, New Year's Eve, we splurged and went to the restaurant in the park.  OHHH MYYYY. It was yummy and then some!

D had Tropical Seared Salmon for her main event:

J and I had Grilled New York Steak:

Man had the Chicken a la Mole:

Dessert, Flan de la Casa

And, we all had a glass of bubbly!

It was a pretty good way to start the New Year.


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Anonymous said...

My other half is jealous - he usually spends a fortnight in Tucson in February but isn't going this year. The park sounds great and the food looks yummy! :-) Jo