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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: We Interrupt This Trip :: Rally Time

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January 12, 2013

Yep, sorta an up to date posting.

We will return to the fun stuff we did up to this point in THE Trip, THE Encore' AFTER the MOC Rally of the Circling at Quartzsite.

We left Tucson with our traveling friends J & D about 10:30.  We were tooling down I-10 when Man looked up at an overpass/entrance and said, "Nice 5er up there and it is followed by a Montana."  I looked up and in one of my momentary moments of clarity, surprised by myself, said, "That is Rondo and C & R in their Big Sky!!"

Picked up the phone, gave C a call, asking her when she answered, "Did you just stop at the Flying J?"

She broke into giggles, as did I, because, yes, indeedy it was them.

We could not have planned that.

We all stopped for lunch, here is the line up, from the left:  Friends J & D with their Motorhome; Man and Carol; Rondo (R & M, his lovely wife); and C & R (Big Sky)

And, this lousy photo taken, with the side view mirror as we exited here in Brenda Arizona to spend the night:

This story will be continued as we caravan in to Quartzsite the 13th.

What follows is my recollection of the day from my Facebook wall:


What's going on, Carol??

WELLLLLLL, we just had such a fun day. OK, that no propane, cause someone dropped the nozzle on the ground and broke it was not so nice, but, we found propane during our lunch stop, so, all is well and propane is full.

The chance encounter of friends Mary Lichtenberg and hubs Ron, and Coleen Murray Lustick and her hubs Ray at that overpass /underpass was just a hoot. We have all been laughing all day, well, maybe they did not laugh too much when both Man and I had brain burps and left the lunch break and went the wrong way, and we were in the lead. YIKESS!!

So, we did maybe the first ever '4 rig U turn' of a MOC caravan. We did it right in the exit/entrance area of I 10 at Gila Bend. This is the west, lots of room, little traffic, go for it. Of course, by the time the 3rd unit got into the intersection some vehicles exited the expressway and there were all kinds of 18-wheelers in the middle of our little caravan.

All is well, and no booboos were encountered in the U turn procedure. And, now, we all have stories to tell, and I am sure they will not let us hear the end of this for quite some time! LOL

Friends Bob and Mina Wells Greenlee drove out to the campground and many of us had a nice dinner at the restaurant here. Thanks Bob and Mina! That was special.

And, now, well, rest and warmth and sorry, no blog posts. SIGHHHH

It was one of those days when you spend a lot of time grinning from ear to ear and thinking and feeling, it does not get too much better than this. Friends that don't hate you for making them U turn, sun, no precip, and Jolly and Tana rolling.

Yep, a good day - -



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