Sunday, January 20, 2013

MOC Quartzsite Rally, Day Five

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January 19, 2013

Looking like someone thinks they are going to eat, but what??

Ohh, it is the day of the pot luck.  These tables were jammed full of food by meal time.  The MOC cooks are renown for their great food!

After our meal we celebrated birthdays and anniversaries and had a group photo done.  Then, we had a nice seminar on fire safety. The girls will try to put out fires that our instructor, Mac, set.

Well done ladies!  I know I learned a lot, and I am sure everyone else did too, they were a very attentive group, err, class.

One of the great things about our rallies is that quite a few rigs get improvements or fixes.  There is Man adjusting a telie antenna.

The ultralights were flying again, and this time we know they were taking photos of the MOC circle - -

Look closer, there are 2 people on board and one is a MOC gal taking photos!  We cannot wait to see the outcome!

Many hours were spent visiting and laughing and having a great time today, campfire was well attended, it was a fine warm day to spend in the desert with great MOC friends!


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Jo said...

It looks like you're all having a ball - great company, lovely food, a bit of education and some photos from above at the end of it. Have fun!