Saturday, January 5, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Terlingua, The Ghost Town at Sunset

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Our last night in the Big Bend area, we drove back over to Terlingua.  I had things to see and questions to answer.  First question, was this house/ruins built into the hill?  When driving by we were some distance from the structures and I just could not get a good view, so, we stopped along the road, I got out, and walked to where I could get a good view and did the Sony zoom.  Answer, nope, built in front of the hill, but, the color of the adobe blends quite well with the hill.

Next, a stop at the Terlingua Cemetery, with over 400 graves, tradition tells us the oldest one dates to 1903 with many lives lost in 1918 to the influenza epidemic.  The cemetery is represented on Find A Grave.

You might also enjoy visiting Life Before the Ruins, researched and maintained by Bob Wirt, he has more on the cemetery, as well as information, including photos of other cemeteries in the area.  He has done a tremendous amount of research, there are stories and more on his site.  Don't miss his "People" pages, click through, read the family histories, and, yes, there ARE photos AND documents too!

I took quite a few photos during our visit to the cemetery.  All the resting places were emotional and moving, many were simple, worn, fences falling down, wooden crosses were everywhere, evidence of memorials, and the celebration in November of the Day of the Dead.  

Below, one of the gates at the entrance to the cemetery.  The rest of the photos can speak for themselves.

The town of Terlingua has a web page, here.  Besides being known as a ghost town, Terlingua is also known for chili cookoffs.  So, I went snooping around for info on the chili cookoff.  Seems that the hot chili is just a wonderful excuse to drink a bit of cooling adult beverages and then, well, dress up a bit.  Just go look, it is worth the time!  LOL  (Kinda sorry we missed this.)

Below just one of the many buildings now left in ruins, if you listen, you can almost hear the stories the adobe hold.

Our visit in the Big Bend area ended with a spectacular sunset.

What an ending to five days of awe and awesome.  Man had wanted to visit this park for years, he can now mark this off his bucket list, and yes, it lived up to and surpassed his expectations.


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