Thursday, January 17, 2013

MOC Quartzsite Rally, Day Two

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January 16, 2013

Started with a nice sunrise.  This may be the ONLY sunrise you ever see here on Reflections, so, enjoy it for what it is worth.

Some of the gals made a "bead" run into town, there will be a number of newly crafted beaded lanyards in the next day or so.

We needed gas for the generators, J needs to check on his automobile which had to be flat bedded out of here yesterday, we needed a light bulb, I wanted to look at hats, J & D wanted hat lights and we all wanted pizza at Silly Al's in town. So, off we went.  The pizza was great.  20 inches, named the Goliath, really, that is the name!!

Car was not ready, gas was obtained, light bulb found, hat light shopping was successful.  Hat shopping on the other hand was a semi-fail, except that D and I laughed so hard we could hardly stand up.

Quartzsite is a place of strange and wonderful sights, here are a few.  Yes, that VW bus is sitting on the old school bus, it is the second story, nothing strange about that is there?  Looks like the owner followed code as the vent for some heat or something is higher than the roof (top of the VW).

We walked around, looked at jewlery, kitchen gadgets, RV stuff, RV's, and enjoyed some of the best weather we have had since we got into Quartzsite.  Little wind and moderate temps, near 60.

Back at the MOC circle, there was happy hour, appetizers, campfire, friendship, visiting, hugs, catching up on lives and generally speaking, a nice day was had by all.

Tomorrow, well, we shall see.




Great posts Carol. Dennis(mail2us)

Barbara Poole said...

Well, I can tell you're having a great time! Continue on.