Tuesday, January 22, 2013

MOC Quartzsite Rally, Day Seven, THE Circle

Copyright 2013, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

January 21, 2013

A beautiful day on the desert.  There were two seminars presented today, one on insurance (eye opening!) and one on solar power.  Many MOCer's were in town partaking of the flea markets and the RV show.

Yours truly had an off day, must be too much party business!  WOOT!  So, that off day will result in just 4 photos today, all taken from the ultra light aircraft.

The circle looking out across the vast desert area northeast of Quartzsite.

This year to increase safety, we have 2 concentric circles.  But, you say, there is a 3rd circle of sorts down there.  Yes, there are three circles. The 6 rigs making the inner circle were here for our private RV show.

Here is what the circle looks like sans trailer show, 2 concentric circles, with ingress and egress accounted for by leaving nice wide entrances/exits on either side of the circle.  Tana and Jolly are at about 5 o'clock.  We have a green carpet lying beside Tana's entrance door.

With the magic of zoom, cropping and digital enhancements, Tana, Jolly in the shadows.  J & D's car, Blue is next to us, and their Motorhome is in front of Blue.

Circle on!  A great MOC tradition continued.

* Many thanks to our pilot and his photographers!!  Well done.  If you want to see ALL the photos, there are two albums on these pages, first set,  second set.  They are stored on the Picasa pages for my alterego at the MOC, Mrs. CountryGuy.  Permission granted to share.



Janice Kelpe said...

Don't tell me you took these pictures from high up. I know how you like heights. Great pics

Carol said...

taken from ultra light plane, and I was NOT IN IT!!

Kimmrg said...

Very, very cool!