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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Saguaro National Park, East

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December 29, 2012  ::  Saguaro National Park, East.  On the east side of Tucson, we found the saguaros to be larger, with more arms.  I am sure it must have something to do with age, weather, rain, etc.

Here at the visitor's center I tried to catch J inspecting this very nice and tall specimen.  Seems I cut off the top of the saguaro.  Yep, they are big!  LOL

A vista of multi-armed saguaros.  Seems most have many arms.

I think this is one saguaro, with MANY arms!  Can you count them??

This is a gila woodpecker.  He was sitting on top of this saguaro and was a long way away.  Thank you Sony Too for the capture.

New arm buds (my term, not sure what the correct term may be):

Thank you J & D for taking this photo of Man and Carol and one nice Saguaro.

Baby saguaros grow under other desert trees for protection.  This was the best example of a saguaro nursery I saw.  All sizes, too many to count, there were at least another 5 or more around back.

Again, thanks to Sony Too.  This made use of just about all of the zoom.  Following a bird flying with that much zoom, well, I was well pleased to capture this.  Believe it is some kind of hawk, if you know the ID, please let me know.

We took a walk along the Desert Ecology Trail where we found this nice prickly pear.  There are many different types of prickly pear, as D and I would discover over the next week or so.  We lost count on the number of different ones we were finding.

I always love the skeleton remains of flora in the desert.  The washed out colors, the textures, the shapes, they always speak to me, draw my attention.

Here is a fishhook barrel cactus that had fallen over, not a lot of root structure there is there?

And, I never tired of photographing the hooks either!

Another beautiful vista of saguaros, almost as far as the eye can see.

As the day was ending, we found shadows enhancing our views, again, saguaros fill the view, but, in the very back you will see civilization, homes.  Bet they have nice views from their decks and porches.

The last photo of the day, golden with the setting sun colors.

There are a few choice pulloffs and short hikes in Saguaro National Park East that would make for outstanding sunset photos given a few clouds.  Maybe sometime - - -


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Karen said...

Your Sony Too does some nice quality zooming! My guess on the hawk would be red-tail or Harris.