Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cold and Windy, It Is Plain Ole MISERABLE

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January 13, 2013.

Our second day on the desert, if it is possible it is colder.  And, it is windy. VERY WINDY!

We have survived the first night of well below freezing temps with the batteries and the furnace.  No power out here, cept what you bring with you, solar or generators.  We have a generator, to run electric during the day and recharge Tana's 2 golf cart batteries.  At night the batteries run 12 volt lights and the furnace.  We are going through lots of propane, but, surprisingly, we are quiet comfy once we get in the bed and get settled in.  Of course, it helps that we warm the bed with electric blankets for about the last half hour before the generator goes off at 10 PM.  LOL

We were quite proud of ourselves, being comfy and all, and then, the wind started.  Friend Mina told us that high wind warnings were up and that it was going to get worse before it got better, we put the lawn chairs down, so they would not blow down.  I could not believe it, but that door mat never moved all day with all the wind - - go figure, eh??

It was nasty enough in the morning that very few wandered about.  A few more rigs arrived and were parked.  I took this photo to try to capture how windy it was, I think you get the idea!

We needed more gas for the generator and J needed some brake fluid for his car and I think we all had a bit of cabin fever RV style, so I wrote them a email (even though they are parked right next to us) and said:


after lunch, how bout we

1.)  get dressed!  OK, I will get dressed.  LOL

2.)  brave the elements

3.)  ALL of us pile into Jolly

4.)  brave the elements

5.)  go register

6.)  brave the elements

7.)  go to town

8.)  brave the elements

9.)  Get J some brake fluid, and us some more gas for the generator

10.)  brave the elements.

11.)  drive around, check out town, get out of Jolly if we are brave enough


And, that is what we did, braved the elements and went downtown and looked around.  We had a nice time of it despite the brisk cold wind.  Many of the vendors did not even open their stalls, yep, too cold.

Back at camp, there is no campfire going, too cold and windy I suspect.  All MOCers were doing what Man and I did, which was to hibernate and stay out of the elements. Even the yorkies were cold enough that they climbed under the blankies.  Gallagher peaking out at me:

And, Captain Hook:

In an attempt to share with you just what the reality is, a photo of my weather app on the iPad, see that top line, it says, Freeze Warning.  Note there is a wind chill of 34.  It feels colder than that folks!  BRRRR.

And, a close up view of that white box:

Not sure what else to say, it is cold, and it is windy, making us pull out the winter coats, gloves, hats, earmuffs, use a lot of propane and still we are quite miserable.  And, we are RVers, so we stay the course, whine a bit more and make a cup of hot tea and eat ice cream.  Yea, really!


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