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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

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January 2, 2013.  Arizona Sonora Desert Museum

I took lots of photos with the new Sony Too, almost 400.  Many have been and will be showing up on my blog, Reflection's Flora and Fauna.  Follow the links for the previously posted photos as you find them below.

Just outside the entrance gate is this fine specimen of a crested saguaro.  You can learn a bit about the crested saguaro here.

Saguaro Skeleton photo is here on Flora and Fauna.

A view of the walkway and gardens.

There was a fascinating display of minerals and rocks and stuff.  The room was dark, the display behind glass, difficult to photograph.

Below:  This is azurite, from Bisbee, Arizona.

The Puma Mountain Lion is here.

I found this large egg laying on the ground near the walkway, looks fresh to me.  It is twice the size of a chicken egg, give or take.  The only "bird" that I was aware of that was nearby would have been a wild turkey.  Looks to me as if someone had a good meal??  But, WHY was this on the outside of the exhibit areas on the walkway?

Of course, I am always looking for fences:

Sculpture of what I interpret to be a prickly pear on the fence.  Photo does not do justice, no way!

The American Kestrel is here.

Black-Tailed Prairie Dog.

Big Horn Sheep.


Still to come, gray fox, fairy duster and some I have not worked on yet.  In the meantime, here is a totem pole cactus.  I really love the shape of this one!

There are still a number of photos to review and edit and post to Flora and Fauna, so, stay tuned.  So for now, I'll close this wonderful visit to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum with Man having a rest and enjoying the view and the sun, with a saguaro skeleton in the background, and all that BLUE sky!

OK, I lied, how bout just ONE more, with a bucket load of color?  A barrel cactus.

* I will update the links on this post as I add to Flora and Fauna posts.  Come back soon.

Added to Flora and Fauna:  Gray Fox on February 1, 2013

Added to Flora and Fauna:  Fairy Duster on February 2, 2013.

Added to Flora and Fauna:  Organ Pipe Cactus on February 3, 2013

Added to Flora and Fauna:  A most unusual Agave on February 4, 2013

Added to Flora and Fauna:  Sugar Sumac on February 5, 2013

Added to Flora and Fauna:  Scarlet Sage on February 6, 2013

Added to Flora and Fauna:  Hooker's Evening Primrose on February 7, 2013

Added to Flora and Fauna:  Long Spined Prickly Pear on February 8, 2013

Added to Flora and Fauna:  Beaver Tail Cactus Nopal on February 9, 2013

Added to Flora and Fauna:  Javelina on February 10, 2013


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Barbara Poole said...

Okay, really loved the fence, rocks, minerals and stuff, and of course the purple cactus. A triple player here.
Thanks for these delights.