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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Downtown Bisbee Arizona

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Now that our MOC Circle Rally in the desert around Quartzsite is over and there are only a few of us left out here, I think it is time to return to THE Trip, THE Encore'.

So, where were we??  Oh, yes, December 11, 2012, Bisbee, Arizona.  It is a beautiful ride from Tombstone.  After lunch we eventually snagged a parking spot in downtown and set out to explore and have a little walk. Bisbee is all hill with a dash of mining town, history, more hill, steps, shops full of art, another hill or two or three, steps, and a narrow curvy street or two:

No words necessary:

Some great architecture, this is on the building  of the Perfect Ashear Lodge # 12, Free and Accepted Masons of Arizona, founding date recorded on the signage as November 11, 1896.  Also of the Pearl Chapter # 6, Order of Eastern Star, founding date, January 5, 1900.

A hill, of course, and steps, many steps!  Climb that a few times and you will develop calf muscles, eh?  Bisbee is well known for their stairs, they even have an annual event where you can climb 1000 stairs, really, learn all about it here.

And, if it rains, a place for the water to go.  Have to say, this boggles this ole gals mind just a little.  I would like to see water rushing and rolling through here - - -  well - - - maybe not!  LOL

This statue is dedicated to those "Virile Men, The Copper Miners", artist, Sanderson, 1935.

Isn't this fencing beautiful??

Peace Wall, you can read more about it and Bisbee, here.

Nice bus ????

Yep, a bus, the sign says so.

We had a wonderful day visiting Bisbee.  We would like to return some day, as we felt we just skimmed the surface, we did not take a mine tour, some of the stores were closed the day we visited.  The drive there and back is worthy of a re-do.  Back at the campground, we were treated to another special Arizona sunset.

Next, we will roll over to Tucson where we will nest for the holidays.  There are a number of great places to explore, stay tuned.


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