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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Lowell & Bisbee Arizona, Stepping Back a Few Years

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December 11, 2012

Our day trip to Bisbee and Lowell, Arizona continued with LUNCH!!  We were told go try the Bisbee Breakfast Club.  OK, we were all a wee bit skeptical, well, a bit more than an wee bit, we were very skeptical, but the local folks that suggested it were quite sure we would love it.  Did we??  YOU BET!!  (The building was an old Rexall Drugs, I believe.)

After satisfying the hunger pains in a most delightful way, we noticed the street had some interesting buildings and vehicles.

As we walked further down the street we came to the conclusion that we had stepped back in time, and that this would make a great movie set.  Is it??  Have no idea.  But, it could be!


And, take a look at those fuel prices.  Yepper, that is 30.9 per gallon!  If only - - SIGHHH

Next we headed back to Bisbee proper, and well, we made a slight error in one turn and ended up here.  MMM, did I say error??   Nope, not an error, a great U turn spot!  To learn much more about the Shady Dell, visit their web site and have fun!

No one seemed to be around at the moment, so, we shot photos over and through the fencing.

Now, just look and enjoy the memory blasts from the past (this works before for the lovers of the RV life, eh??)

Indeed that was one FUN wrong turn, and possibly, the bestest part of the day!   We did eventually find downtown Bisbee, and a parking spot for J & D's car and we walked and walked and - -   Well, more on that soon, come on back, ya hear???


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