Sunday, February 3, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: The Old Tucson Studios

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January 3, 2013.  The (New) Old Tucson Studios.  Considered the "new" studios due to the fire in April of 1995 that burned 25 buildings and props and such.  About 40 % of the studio was destroyed in the intense heat which melted glass and left metal disfigured.  The fire started from unknown origins, spread quickly due to the dry wood of the buildings and a very strong wind.  So, we were seeing the re-built version, which we still enjoyed.

John Wayne fans will appreciate this.  Of course, a Wikipedia article.

I do love old signs, or old signs recreated:

Yes, there was a cemetery, some of the names were from Boot Hill in Tombstone Arizona.

In the chapel, this sure looks like the real thing.

I do prefer this photo of the organ tho:

Must have one stagecoach.  They gave rides!

And, trains, gotta have trains:

Several more views, err, flavor, western style:

A bit of beauty in the old west:

Many will remember the television show:


Next a few of the "characters" of Old Tucson.  Y'all come back now!


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Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Thank you for the tour, Carol!! Living vicariously, or I should say traveling via your blog right now! Great photos!