Monday, January 14, 2013

Arrival Day, Quartzsite and the MOC Circle

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January 13, 2013

Well today started out C*O*L*D!!  Somewhere way below freezing, heard numbers like 25, 22 and even 18.  We had NO water in Tana's holding tanks.  We did not have the hoses hooked up.  The water pipes to each campsite in the campground - - frozen!  So, since we could not shower, Man and I did what all respecting RVer's do, we went out to breakfast!

When we returned, we put hairdryers on the pipes and before long all 4 rigs had running water.  By noonish we had cleaned up, filled up the fresh water systems to the brim and were ready to roll.

Here we come Quartzsite, there it is down there - -

Yep, we are in Quartzsite!  They are open, and so, is the RV dealer whose business is just behind the sign!  LOL  Those are camels down at the bottom, referring to, I am sure, Hi Jolly.  (Go ahead, check my blog for the story or do an internet search.)

Rigs all over the place, arriving by the minute, hundreds, thousands, by next weekend there will be somewhere between 500,000 and 1.5 million RVers in the area.  Yea, really!

Our destination Plomosa Road, there it is!

There is the Montana circle, we have arrived!  (And, NO U turns today!)

And, thanks to friend Mina Greenlee, here is what the MOC caravan looked like arriving.

Parking is scientific in the MOC circle, lay out a 150 foot rope, one end of the rope is driven into the desert floor in the middle of the circle, stretch it out nice and straight, rigs drive in, straddle the rope with their tow vehicles and rigs, and - -

a perfect circle every time!

(See the rope laying on the ground, and our kind and accurate guide motioning us?)

Jolly and Tana and our home for the next ??? days.

Sunset, saguaro, sighhhhh - - -


*Oh, and the day ended up cold too.  Everyone talks about it, complains about it, grabs another layer of coats and sweaters and hats and earmuffs and a warm drink, and complains a bit more, and then, we all laugh.  We are either nuts, or determined, I just cannot figure out which.

Of course, the warm friendships help!  All those hugs greeting old friends, yep, they warm ya up!


D&M On The Road said...


Barbara Poole said...

Just look at that sunset!!! I'm so glad you went out and took the photo (as we were speaking). Happy you arrived at Quartzsite, have fun.

Tom & Sharon's RV Adventures said...

Very nice pictures Carol, keep them coming.

Thanks Tom, aka oldelmer1

Ron and Thelma said...

Your gonna need a lot of firewood. Stay warm