Sunday, December 16, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Stillwell Store Near Big Bend National Park

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After our week in the Fredericksburg/Stonewell Texas area we headed for one of Man's bucket list places to visit ::  Big Bend National Park.  It would be a two day drive, first day to Fort Stockton, next day a much shorter ride to Stillwell Store and RV Park about 6 or 7 miles from the north entrance to the park. We had discussed where to stay and how far to drive each day with our traveling friends J & D.  J came up with a idea that turned into a GREAT idea, drive only to Stillwell, stay there at least one night, check it out and then decide what, when and where to go next.  Big Bend is large, no, HUGE, no larger than HUGE.  We had discussed driving from Fort Stockton to the north entrance and continuing on to Study Butte (on the west side of the park), but, we did not want to do that in the late afternoon not being certain of road conditions, how slow or fast we might have to go.  So, Stillwell it was.

Some of the scenery on the drive from Fort Stockton to Stillwell, noting this is the southern part of the Rocky Mountains.  It has been very dry, they have had a drought for 4 years.  Lots of beige, not much green.

The road in was a good one, smooth for the most part, a bit rolly polly, but, not rough or chucking.

Son # 1 asked me to describe Big Bend in 3 sentences, I did it in one word:  Geology.

Yep, it was another day for the U-turn.   The ranch road 2627 when intersecting with 385 had no sign for the Stillwell Store and Ranch, it had been taken down.  Lucky for us, friend J had mentioned the Hallie Stillwell Museum, and we saw that sign (arrow), but, not till we had rolled past the intersection.  J did not roll through, he made the turn,  Man backed Tana up to the intersection (no traffic, NONE) and we followed them into Stillwell.

Our first view of the campground:

No cell phones worked here, the air cards did not work here, there was NO telie here, no cable, but, the campground had fantastic wifi.  We were a bit concerned when the owner said, well, not sure the wifi will work, it was hit by lightening recently.  GULP.  Love the ironies in life, probably the fastest internet connection I have had in a LONG time!  

Here we are set up:

The Stillwell Store.  Love the bottle tree - - 

They sell gas:

Not sure you read that sign right??  Here, a closer look:

The owner said, you really should walk down the road a bit and watch the sunset, it looks promising this evening, so we did:

Yes, indeedy, J's suggestion to stop at Stillwell was a great one, we spent 3 nights there, enjoying the east and central parts of Big Bend National Park from there.  We also visited the Hallie Stillwell Museum, more on that soon, come on back, ya hear - -



Anonymous said...

Great photos, as usual, Carol - the sign on the petrol pump is amusing, but I know your fuel prices have gone up a lot in recent years :-( You wouldn't want to be driving Jolly in the UK... Jo

Barbara Poole said...

This was very interesting. Love the gas sign, the moon and everything in-between. Another good recommendation to go with Comfort.